June 3, 2014

The electoral reform to modernize the system
The NESC adopted an opinion on the electoral reform to modernize the system. 


February 11, 2014

Social Dialogue in Ireland. At the invitation of Dr. Martha THEODOROU, AICESIS Chargée de mission, the Irish NESC has prepared a note on social dialogue in Ireland.

National Economic and Social Council (NESC)

The nature and intensity of social dialogue in Ireland has changed considerably over the past four decades.  This is evident in the changing set of participants, the changing nature of government…


November 19, 2013

Russia - France

Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

November 19 in Paris, Yevgeny Velikhov met with the Chairman of the Economic , Social and Environmental Council of France, Jean -Paul Delevua .

Mr. Evgeniy VELIKHOV