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National Council of Labor and Employment Promotion

Main technical areas of competencies

Vocational Training and skills development

“Proposal of incentives for training and innovation "(2009)

Productivity and competitivity

"Productivity growth and adjustment of minimum wage" (2007)

"Policies of ignition for growth in productivity" (2008)

Employment policy and labour market regulation

Magazine "National Council of Labor and Employment Promotion: Five Years of Institutional Life 2001-2006 "

"Measures to improve working conditions of workers in urban transportation, intercity and interprovincial passenger" (2007)

"Labor Market Performance in Peru: 2007" (2008)

National Employment Policies (2011)

Financial and Economic Policies

Institutional Strategic Plan 2007-2011

Analysis of the international situation and its impact on the economy (2013)

"Characterization and problems of workers in the informal economy in Peru" (2008)

Guidelines to counteract the effects of the crisis on the economy, productivity and employment (2009)

Social Dialogue and tripartism

Seven Years of Social Dialogue (2001-2008).


Annual Report

Regional affairs

- Institutionalizing Regional Social Dialogue (2008-2010)

- Dialogue Regional (2001-2009)