Dubai Economic Council (DEC)

Dubai Economic Council (DEC)
United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Date of entry: October 7, 2015

Member of ILO

Dubai Economic Council (DEC)

Mission and attributions

The strategic objectives of Dubai Economic Council are as follows:
1.  To encourage the private sector to contribute to the economic development of the Emirate through its involvement in the discussions of economic policies and strategies and the offering of necessary advice. 
2.  To improve the country’s economic performance, enhance the business environment, and increase productivity.
3.  To acquire the  business community’s trust and enrich the local business environment in the long term.
4.  To improve Dubai’s economic competitiveness in the international market. 



(971) 4 2088100

(971) 4 2285050

Baniyas Street Dubai, P.O Box 112288, Dubai, United Arab Emirates