Social and Economic Council

Social and Economic Council


Date of entry: October 7, 2015

Member of AICESIS
Member of ILO

Social and Economic Council

Mission and attributions:

Defined by Article 8 of the Law: “SEC shall discuss the issues of: development and improvement of collective bargaining; impact of economic policy and measures for the implementation of that policy on social development and stability; employment; wage and price; competition; productivity; privatization policies and other issues of structural adjustment; protection of working and general environment; education and professional training; health care and social welfare; demographic trends and other issues in accordance with the SEC by-laws. The SEC shall adopt positions on discussed issues and submit them to the Government. The position taken shall require the consent of all members of the SEC”.

Defined by Article 10 of the Law: “The SEC shall discuss draft laws and proposals of other regulations of importance for the economic and social position of employees and employers and issue opinion. The opinion shall be submitted to the ministry in charge of the particular area that has prepared the law or another regulation. The Ministry shall notify the SEC on its position within 30 days of the submission of the opinion. If the Ministry does not accept the opinion, the SEC may submit its opinion to the Government”.
According to the Article 11 of the Law SEC may form standing and ad hoc working bodies to discuss and propose positions of different areas.

SEC works trough meetings. According to the SEC Rules of Procedure, decisions are made in form of: position, opinion, initiative, recommendation and conclusion. SEC shall decide by consensus on all issues from its purview. Funds for work of SEC are provided by the Budget of the Republic of Serbia. They can also be provided from grants, contributions and sponsorships in accordance with the law.

Socio-Economic Agreement for the year 2011, signed by president of the Serbian Government, president of Serbian Employers Association, president of Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia and president of Trade Union Confederation “Nezavisnost”.


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