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Public Council


Date of entry: July 20, 2010

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Public Council

The Public Council of the Republic of Armenia (henceforth, PCA – the Public Council of Armenia) was established on 11 March 2009 by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Armenia.

Taking into consideration that activities of the PCA for 2009-2015 have earned approval of both the public and the RA President, and considering expedient operations of that institution as a permanently functioning body enjoying powers under law, it has been decided to include a provision on the PCA in the package of 2015-2016 constitutional amendments, enabling the RA National Assembly to approve a separate Law on Public Council of Armenia.

The Public Council of Armenia is competent to undertake expert evaluation of the Armenian laws and other normative Acts and to hold consultations and hearings with regard to those problems, laws and decisions, which have received much public attention, and to involve citizens and representatives of civic associations and mass media. As a depoliticized entity, the PCA is grounded to  the principle of pro bono participation of the citizens and civic associations and of the representatives of the Armenian Diaspora.


  • Representing the interests of citizens and public associations of Armenia in the development and implementation of government policies;
  • Contributing to a better moral and psychological environment in Armenia by promoting intensive participation of civil and public associations in the state governance process;
  • Raising the effectiveness of government bodies by establishment of opportunities for fulfilling the expectations of the main part of the society;
  • Establishment of the civil society via the establishment of traditions in public life;
  • Bringing the attention of the President of Armenia to problems that are of public significance and resonance with alternative approaches to the resolution of these problems by the society and expert circles;
  • Assistance to implementation of civil initiatives for protection of legal interests, rights, and freedoms of individuals and public associations of Armenia.

The goals of the PCA are to:

  • Contribute to finding edges of reconciliation in attempts of finding compromising solutions regarding interests of different layers of the society and natural contradictions arising between them, by  ensuring a dialogue amongst them;   
  • Promote dialogue between the society and public authorities, contribute to  increasing the level of involvement of the society in the public administration, and support implementation of public supervision over the activities of state bodies;    
  • Contribute to sustainable development and enhancement of the civil society and promotion of the process of establishment of the civil society and its institutions in the RA; 
  • Contribute to increasing efficiency of operations of state bodies, through presentation and protection of interests of large layers of the society in the development public policy, and through implementation of public expertise of decision and actions of state authorities regarding issues of public resonance;
  • Assist in the development of long-term development program provisions on individual areas of the public life and encourage discussion of such provisions among large layers of the society.







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