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Economic and Social Council

Economic and Social Council

Date of entry: June 10, 2005

Member of AICESIS

Achievements of the ESC: Best practicesYoungsters’ ESC, 7th edition that allows the youngsters to propose vows on subjects of their choice.



Institutional characteristics

Date of creation
December, 22nd 1945
Year operational
Nature of the texts that create the ESC (Constitution, law, decree, etc.)
Sovereign Ordinance n° 3.136 of December 22nd 1945, changed by S.O. n° 3321 of October 19th 1946, S.O n°11.637 of June 30th 1995, S.O n°14.527 of July 17th 2000, S.O n° 7452 of July 21st 2000, S.O n°16.086 of December 5th 2003, S.O n° 813 of November 21st 2006.

Consultation and advisory

The different Commissions can work on the subjects of their choice, as they are supposed to be useful for the Principality if they were then legalized by the Government. The ESC can also be consulted by the National Council or the Government for an advice on a specific topic. The ESC can give an advice or adopt vow on any subject that seems useful to the Principality (surveys, reports, advices, meetings etc).

Bipartite plus (W, E and others)

Number of members : 36 members

Employers: 12 / Workers: 12 / Qualified personalities: 12

There are 6 full time workers in the Council.

Duration of the term : 3 years
Process of designating the members (election, nomination, by whom, etc.): Chosen from 3 lists made by each organization (employers, workers, qualified personalities)

Management organes


The President is nominated by Sovereign Ordinance for 3 years. There are 2 Vice-Presidents, one chosen in the employer’s group and the other in the worker’s group.

General Assembly and Plenary


Reporting Institution

cabinet of president




National Council


Souce of funding
The budget is fed by Government’s subventions.


Who convenes the ESC

The Government convenes the Council. It has a legal right to issue own-initiative opinion.


Affiliations : AICESIS – UCESIF - EUROME

Main technical areas of competencies

Labour Law reform

opinion relating to the modification of the on weekly rest

Employment policy and labour market regulation

opinion relating to bill on the reclassification of employees judged inapt by occupational medicine

Health and Medical Policy

opinion relating tbill on protection against tobacco smoking

Financial and Economic Policies

Economic and technical wishes: relating to manufacture, transformation and delivery of perishable goods; reinforcement of the soundproofing in establishments; economic intelligence; harmful effects caused by construction sites; copyright protection; reinforcement of creator’s rights; waste management; deposits in the free rental sector; registered trademarks protection; clean and sustainable energies …

Social Dialogue and tripartism

opinion relating to the generalization of the labor national collective

Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy and Industrial Policy

Innovating wishes: relating to economic intelligence; international trade arbitration, identification of electronic writing and signature.


opinion relating to the extension of the collective agreement of housed superintendents and the collective agreement on buildings’ caretakers and employees

Social Affairs

Social wishes: relating to continuous vocational training; control of skills of employees working in risky jobs; change of the law on industrial accidents; employment requiring a legislative or lawful intervention; introduction of telecommunication in Monaco…

Sub-committees/working groups

Environment Policy / Sustainable development

Environment and Sustainable development

Financial and Economic Policies

Financial Affairs

Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy and Industrial Policy

Industry and New Technologies

Local Economic Development

Town Planning and Prospective

Others (please specify the list)

Trade and Tourism / Housing and Life Quality

Social Affairs

Social Affairs