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Social Council

Date of entry: June 27, 2002

Member of AICESIS

Member of ILO


Institutional characteristics

Date of creation
DECEMBER 27, 2007
Year operational
Nature of the texts that create the ESC (Constitution, law, decree, etc.)

Consultation and advisory

Social Council is being established in order to establish and develop social dialogue about the matters important for economic and social status of employee and employers and for the conditions of their life and work, development of culture of dialogue, supporting peaceful resolution of individual and collective labor disputes and other matters coming from international documents and which are related to economic and social position of employees and employers.

ILO Type Tripartite G, W, E

Number of members : 33 members

- REPRESENTATIVE TRADE UNIONS ORGANISATION (Confederation of Trade Unions of Montenegro, 6 representatives and Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro, 5 representatives,): total 11representatives

- REPRESENTATIVE ORGANIZATION OF EMPLOYERS (Montenegrin Union of Employers): 11 representatives

- GOVERNMENT: 11 representatives

In the process of preparation, there is 1 full time worker in the Council.

Duration of the term : 4 YEARS RENEWABLE

Process of designating the members (election, nomination, by whom, etc.): Representatives in the Social council, social partners nominate and dismiss in accordance with their acts.

Management organes


Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
The President and the 2 Vice-Presidents are appointed by the Council according to a consensus between the 3 social partners. The duration of their mandate is 4 years renewable.
Gender balance

Between 0 and 9%

Approximately 9% women
Reporting Institution


The Institution gives its opinions to the relevant Ministry and, if it is needed, to the Government, social partners or other institutions.
Souce of funding
The budget is provided by the budget of Montenegro.


Who convenes the ESC

The President of the Council convenes the Institution. It has a legal right to issue own-initiative opinion.

Salary of members

The members receive monthly compensation.


By the law, the Government is obligated to report on the fate of the Council’s opinions within 30 days with a written answer. The opinions are not published for now, but it is planned.


Affiliations : AICESIS

Main technical areas of competencies

Labour Law reform

Guidelines through the Labour Law

Fundamental principles and rights at work

Collective bargaining in international standards and applicable regulations in Montenegro

Employment policy and labour market regulation

With knowledge against undeclared work

How to combat undeclared work

European Affairs

Economic and Social Councils in Europe