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Economic, Social and Labor Council

Main technical areas of competencies

Workplace compliance

-Agreement to Advance Industrial Accident Prevention System (2013)
-Agreement on Improvement of Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance (2006)
-Agreement on Improvement of the Industrial Safety and Health System (2008)

Labour Law reform

- Agreement to Revise the National Pension Act (1998)
- Agreement to Reduce Working Hours (2000)
- Agreement on Measures for Non-regular Workers (2002)
- Tripartite agreement on structural reforms of the labor market
- Framework Agreement on Structural Reforms of the Labor Market

Vocational Training and skills development

Tripartite agreement to promote life-long job skills development

Productivity and competitivity

-Agreement on Strengthening Competitiveness of the Manufacturing Industry and Creating Decent work (2006)

Fundamental principles and rights at work
Employment policy and labour market regulation

-Agreement to guarantee teachers the right to establish trade unions (1998)
-Social Pact for Job Creation (2004)
-Agreement to Advance Employment Service (2004)
-Agreement on Promoting Participation of the Middle-aged and aged in the Labor Market (2006)
-Agreement on Establishment and Activation of the Regional Employment and Human Resources Development System (2006)
-Agreement on Manpower Reduction in the Postal and Communication Sector (1998)
-Agreement on Revitalization of Employee Stock Ownership Scheme (2004)
-Basic Agreement to Promote Policy Projects led by Labor and Management for Changing the Paradigm of the Labor-management Relations (2006)
-Agreement on Measures to Support SMEs According to Implementation of Laws on Non-regular workers (2007)
-Agreement to Improve Wage System for Employment Stability (2008)
-Agreement to Develop the Employment Insurance System (2008)
-Agreement by Labor, Management, Civic groups and the Government to Overcome Economic Crisis (2009)
-Agreement on Rationalizing Negotiation System for Multiple Unions and Full-time Union Officials (2009)
-Agreement to Establish Assessment System for Effects of Non-regular Worker Protection Law (2009)
-Agreement to Apply Industrial Accident Insurance to Cargo Workers (2009)
-Agreement to improve the Practice of Long Working Hours and to Advance the Labor Culture (2010)
-Agreement to Strengthen Public Employment Service and Activate Private Employment Service (2010)
-Agreement for Connection and Cooperation of Employment Service between Central and Local Governments (2010)
-Agreement to Encourage Employment for the Baby-boom Generation (2011)
-Agreement to Improve Employment of Small and Medium Businesses (2011)
-Agreement to Reinforce the Social Safety Net to Make Work Pay (2013)
-Jobs Pact to Achieve a 70% Employment Rate (2013)

Health and Medical Policy

-Agreement to Integrate and Unify Medical Insurances (1998)

Financial and Economic Policies

- Social Pact for Overcoming Economic Crisis (1998)

Fiscal and Taxation Policies

-Agreement to Revise the Earned Tax Credit System (2002)
-Agreement to Introduce the Earned Income Tax Credit (2004)

Social Dialogue and tripartism

- Grand Tripartite Agreement on the Roadmap for Industrial Relations Reforms (2006)
-Agreement to Improve Collective Dispute Resolution System (2006)

Youth Employment

-Agreement on creating jobs for the young (2002)

Infrastructure Networks, Transport, and Energy Policies

-Agreement to on the Railroad Restructuring Plan (1998)

Social Affairs

-Agreement on Measures to Activate Childcare Service for Low Income Workers (2006)