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Social Economic Council

Social Economic Council

Date of entry: June 14, 2012

Member of AICESIS

Achievements of the ESC

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- Preparing and recording Council meetings.

- Ensuring the implementation of decisions by the Council including conducting preparatory research, collecting data for the meetings, providing members with information, preparing minutes and taking care of the final editing of the advices.

- Maintaining a working relationship with, among others, government and its departments, Parliament, NGO’s and other elements of civil society.

- Maintaining ties with the Social Economic Councils within Dutch kingdom.



Institutional characteristics

Date of creation
May 2011
Year operational
Nature of the texts that create the ESC (Constitution, law, decree, etc.),%20GT%20No.%2019.pdf,%20GT%20no.%201.pdf

Consultation and advisory

The Social Economic Council is an independent advisory body of country of Sint Maarten, established by law. Upon request or at its own initiative, the SER advises government on issues of social and economic policy. Thus, the SER provides a forum where consultation takes place among social and economic partners in order to ensure sound public policy. This consultation results in public advisory reports, supported by data, analyses, arguments and recommendations.

The advice government receives from the SER allows it to determine whether there is sufficient support among the various representative members for a particular policy initiative. Unanimous advice clearly indicates broad support, whereas minority opinions show government how opinions are divided among certain important sectors of society.


Bipartite plus (W, E and others)

Number of members : 9 permanent and 9 substitute members

Membership structure / Process of designating the members (election, nomination, by whom, etc.): The SER comprises three representatives of employers’ organizations, three representatives of employees’ organizations and three independent expert members. In appointing an independent expert in the SER, special attention is being paid to preserve a careful balance among the fields of expertise in the SER. Board members are appointed by decree on the request of the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten.
Each board member has a substitute. The Social Economic Council therefore consists of 9 board members and 9 substitute members.

Duration of the term: Board members are appointed by decree on the request of the Prime Minister for a term of three years. One of the nine board members serves as the Chair of the Council.

Management organes


The board is assisted by the secretariat of the Social Economic Council. The board meets twice every month.


The secretariat consists of five staff members and is managed by the Secretary-General.
Reporting Institution



Who convenes the ESC

Upon request or at its own initiative


Affiliations :
ESC Netherlands
Government and parliament of Sint Maarten
NGO’s, business community.

Main technical areas of competencies

Employment policy and labour market regulation

Advice Short term labor contracts

Advice minimum wage

Health and Medical Policy

Advice increase AOV amount and age

Financial and Economic Policies

Advice Stepping out the monetary union/ Dollarization

Advice Balance of payments

Fiscal and Taxation Policies

Advice Motor vehicle tax

Advice guest accommodation tax Sint Maarten


Submitted its first advice “Emancipation day celebration for Sint Maarten” in December 2011

Advice liberation day

Advice National library

Legal Affairs

Advice Crime prevention