Economic and Social Council

Economic and Social Council


Date of entry: May 27, 2004

Member of AICESIS
Member of ILO

Economic and Social Council

Economic and Social Council (hereinafter referred to as ESF) is a tripartite body of the social partners and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter referred to as partners), established to address issues and actions related to economic and social policy, and other issues relating to specific fields of partners. Economic and Social Council to monitor the situation in the economic and social fields, it is discussed as well as seeking views and suggestions relating to these areas and areas that have broad significance for all three partners. 

Fields of activity: Basic areas of the ESF in particular: 

- social agreement

- social rights and the rights of compulsory insurance such as pensions, disability benefits, social benefits, allowances and other employment and labor relations, collective bargaining system,

- rates and taxes

- economic system and economic policy,

- legal certainty,

- cooperation with the International Labour Organisation and the Council of Europe and related institutions in the European Union and the Member States of the European Union,

- co-management workers

- trade union rights and freedoms.


In addition to the areas that relate to triangular, the ESC may also deal with other matters not related to the tripartite communication, but are related to Economic and Social Affairs. ESF in its operations: 

- participate in the preparation of legislation and provides advice and recommendations relating thereto,

- take initiatives to adopt new or amend existing laws

- formulate views and opinions of the work papers, drafts and proposals for regulations, ordinances and laws,

- formulate views and opinions of the Budget Memorandum and the state budget.


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