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An article by the Secretary-General, introducing the AICESIS and its activities, has been published in the latest edition of the Global Cooperation Newsletter of the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW). This article is available in English, French and Spanish.

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“Small and medium-sized enterprises and decent and productive employment creation”: The ESC of Luxembourg that leads the working group drafted the second note that was sent to all AICESIS members in order to collect their comments.

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« How to ensure the transition from the Millennium Development Goals to those for Sustainable Development? ». The Algerian CNES, appointed as leader, wrote a first note which was also transmitted for gathering comments and contributions.

- ILO Working Group: «Small and Medium Enterprises and the creation of decent and productive employment opportunities ». The ESC of Luxembourg, leading the Group, drafted a first note forwarded to all AICESIS members for comments and contributions. 

ILO: The 2015 Regular Training Catalogue prepared by the International Training Centre in Turin is available online.


ECOSOC Working Group: « How to ensure the transition from the Millennium Development Goals to those for Sustainable Development? ». In its capacity as Chair of this group, the Algerian CNES prepared a first note transmitted to all AICESIS members and aimed at collecting their views.

11-12 December 2014 (Rabat, Morocco): International Workshop on Civil dialogue and participatory democracy for better governance organized by the AICESIS and the ESEC of Morocco



Algeria: Upon invitation of Dr. Martha Theodorou, AICESIS Project Officer on Communication issues, the Algerian CNES submitted a note on social dialogue in Algeria.

On December 10 - 11 2014, the AICESIS Board was held under the Presidency of Mr. Evgeny VELIKHOV in Rabat (Morocco), at the premises of the ESEC of Morocco. An international workshop on civil dialogue and participatory democracy, jointly organized by AICESIS and the ESEC, was for the first time linked to the Board. Thanks to the quality of the organization and the hosting of the Moroccan ESEC, these two events were run in excellent conditions. As pointed out by the summary of decisions adopted during the Board meeting, outcomes were particularly satisfactory. A report summarizing the debates occurred during the workshop will be sent out soon. 

International Conference of Seoul on « The role of ESCs and similar social dialogue institutions in promoting social protection floors for all» : Organized by the AICESIS in partnership with the ILO and the CDES of Korea on November 20 and 21 in Seoul, this event was successful thanks to the high number and the quality of participants and speakers. The event beneficiated from the impeccable organization ensured by the Korean ESDC and the commitment of many AICESIS members attending the meeting. At the closure of the event, all participants adopted the Declaration of Seoul aimed at promoting a fair social protection floor for all. A Summary Report will be sent out soon.