Union of Economic and Social Councils of Africa (UCESA)

Union of Economic and Social Councils of Africa (UCESA)

Date of entry: July 2, 1999

Member of AICESIS

Union of Economic and Social Councils of Africa (UCESA)


Implement a dynamic for effective involvement of ESCs and SIs in the process of African integration.

Promote the social dialogue

Hold periodical meetings of reflection and experience sharing workshops.

Support and promote the creation in Africa of new ESCs and SIs.

Establish privileged relationships and a fruitful cooperation with the AICESIS, the African Union ECOSSOC, the UN ECOSOC and other organizations.


At the beginning of each presidency, the serving president of the UCESA chooses a theme for his mandate and presents his project of Road map, which is examined and adopted by the General Assembly.

During the presidency, the UCESA organize a series of thematic workshops which are subject to reports including advices and recommendations for ESC-SI, and any organization or institution concerned with economic, social, cultural, scientific and environmental issues. 

Observers representing States without ESC-SI and Civil Society Organizations (as guests) may attend the General Assembly and the debates, and speak with the authorization of the President. Neither of them have a vote right.

The working languages of the UCESA are French, English and Arabic.

For each presidency, a working group is established to develop a topic/theme identified and adopted by the General Assembly.

A two (2) years honorary presidency is offered to the outgoing President at the end of his mandate.




(221) 77 740 6544 / (221) 33 829 6363


Le Conseil Economique, Social et Environnemental, 25 Avenue Pasteur. BP. 6100 Dakar, Sénégal. 