Fatherland Front (Associate member)

Fatherland Front (Associate member)


Date of entry: July 11, 2009

Member of AICESIS
Member of ILO

Fatherland Front (Associate member)

-  Constitutes a part of the political system of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, led by the Communist Party of Vietnam

-  The relationship between Vietnam Fatherland Front and the State is of coordination to realize the tasks and obligations according to the provisions of the Constitution and laws.  It is  based on the coordination regulations issued by the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committees and the relevant State bodies at each echelon.

-  Vietnam Fatherland Front is permitted to accept, manage and use according to the law the assets which has been entrusted by the State or presented by organizations and individuals at home and abroad.

- The Vietnam Fatherland Front shall constitute the political base of the people's administration; represent and protect the rights and lawful and legitimate interests of the People; rally and uphold the strength of the great national unity, exercise democracy and promote social consensus; conduct social supervision and criticism; and participate in the building of the Party and the State, and in people's external  relations' activities, thus contributing to national construction and defense.


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