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January 24, 2014

Economic, Social and Environmental Council

Fil d'Iéna №23 January 2014

Fil d'Iéna №23 January 2014

Photo: www.issuu.com

In the January issue, the wire Jena takes both opinions government referrals: future law for the future of agriculture, food and forestry and the planning law on international solidarity and development. This issue also provides an update on recent work Voted: religion, environmental education and sustainable development, hearings on the study and evaluation of diverse opinions, studies and reports, 2013.

Discover 4 new councilors of the meeting: Courtoux Agnès Hubert Allier, Riquier-Dominique Sauvage, Antoine Dulin

The announcement of the symposium on social ties and social networks for which the EESC partner.

Finally discover the new President of France and Ceser article on CES Europe mobilized against youth unemployment. Source: http://www.lecese.fr/multimedia/publications/dossier-le-fait-religieux-en-entreprise .

Source: www.issuu.com