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February 6, 2014

Economic and Social Council of the Province of Cordoba (Associate member)

Towns join the fight against alcohol

Towns join the fight against alcohol

Photo: prensa.cba.gov.ar

Under Law 10,181 "program zero alcohol" the Government of Córdoba and mayors of the province signed an agreement of mutual cooperation in the implementation of a control program for alcohol to be carried out are available by municipalities in their respective urban radios.

The agreement, which bears the signature of Governor José Manuel de la Sota, the Minister of Government and Security Walter Saieg and mayors and community leaders, provides that the State shall assign gratuitously breathalyzers attached to localities and mouthpieces for the purposes they are intended to control drink-driving of vehicles operating in their jurisdictions.

In this sense, the provincial president said the authorities present: "Today we are signing this agreement whereby the Province will provide 130 analog breathalyzers and 25,000 mouthpieces for municipalities with more tourist presence and those with more than 30,000 inhabitants."

"You are going to continue with their controls as have so far and we will contribute with the police presence," De la Sota said.

In relation to joint tasks proposed by the government, local authorities will be responsible for articulating the controls, to prevent continuation of driving to exceed alcohol limits established traffic rules in force.

The agreement also ensures that maintenance, repair and calibration of equipment will be the responsibility of each jurisdiction, while the participation of law enforcement is the responsibility of the Province.

Law Implementation

With regard to the Law "Alcoholemia Zero" the Governor said that "While the new rule comes into effect in March, with which we currently have, which allows minimal alcohol content, be more demanding because we do it for benefit of the young and not in the spirit of getting into your private life. "

Also reported that the president "is going to go handing out leaflets as from March alcohol intake is zero, nothing, which leads not drink anything. It's what we want to be introducing into the mindset of drivers. "

Source: prensa.cba.gov.ar