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South Africa

November 21, 2013

National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC)

Government processes norms and standards regulation

On 27 June 2013, the Nedlac Management Committee signed off on the draft Regulations Relating to Minimum Uniform Norms and Standards for Public School Infrastructure. This policy had been prioritised by the Nedlac social partners because we were advised there was a tight deadline and so the task team concluded its work in record time of two months.

Subsequently to tabling the Nedlac report we were advised that the Department of Basic Education had made some significant changes to the policy. Nedlac requested the revised version be brought back here for further engagement but this morning we received an email from Government advising that the Minister intends to sign off on the revised version (which has not come to Nedlac) and this is the version that will be implemented.

Nedlac continues to encourage Government to bring policies and legislation here for engagement with the social partners, as we believe this provides a stronger buy-in and a higher likelihood of implementation. At the same time however we recognise that tabling matters at Nedlac rests on the discretion of the relevant Government department, and if the Minister chooses not to bring a policy back for further engagement we have to respect that decision.

Issued by Alistair Smith, Executive Director
For more information contact: Kim Jurgensen kim@nedlac.org.za; 011 328 4200

Source: www.nedlac.org.za