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Letter N° 69 / May 2016

The partnership signed in May 2012 between the President of the AICESIS and the ILO Director General strengthens each year, more particularly thanks to the intensification of joint activities of general interest. Are currently scheduled several joint events. First, in the framework of the Seoul Declaration (November 2014), two national capacity building workshops on social protection floor and social dialogue will be organized with the ESC of Guinea and the ESCC of Mali, respectively in May and June 2016. As every year, the AICESIS will make a contribution at the International Labour Conference (ILC) in June 2016 (Geneva, Switzerland), on workplace compliance. In addition, a presentation and a discussion on social protection will be held at the AICESIS General Assembly (Cotonou, Benin) in September 2016. Finally, two major conferences are planned for 2017: a Forum on "social dialogue in Asia" to be held in Seoul (Korea) in partnership with the ESDC of Korea, and a conference on "the future of work" to be organized in Athens in cooperation with the OKE of Greece. Moreover, the constant enrichment of the world database on ESCs-SIs developed jointly by AICESIS and ILO - available on www.aicesis.org - must be reminded.

AICESIS work in progress

International workshop to exchange experiences organized on 3 and 4 March 2016 in Madrid (Spain) at the Spanish ESC headquarters, on "Good practices of ESCs-SIs daily functioning". The results of this event have been particularly fruitful and summarized in the synthesis sent to all members and available, along with all interventions on the AICESIS website (www.aicesis.org).


International Conference organized by the Romanian ESC and AICESIS on "Migration in Europe: the role of ESCs-SIs in addressing challenges, responsibilities and solutions"

AICESIS Board and General Assembly

Capacity building workshop for the ESCC of Mali on " Capacity building of the ESC and social dialogue for an efficient and sustainable social protection floor ", in cooperation with the ESCC of Mali and the ILO.

National capacity building workshop organized in partnership with the ESC of Guinea and ILO on "The ESC capacity building and social dialogue in favor of an efficient and sustainable social protection floor"

Development surrounding the ESC

The new "Action Plan to prevent violent extremism" Report of the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon on 24 December 2015, which calls member countries to develop Action plan.



An agreement in the Dutch textile sector was made public on Wednesday, March 9th. In the coming months, a minimum of 35 companies must sign the agreement before its ratification by the coalition.




Report on discrimination of the Regional ESEC of Centre-Val de Loire, adopted at the plenary session on February 1st, 2016.

More reports on https://ceser.regioncentre.fr/home.html

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) adopted an opinion on "The fight against corruption in the EU", the rapporteur is Mr Filip HAMRO-DROTZ. This important opinion echoes the exchange of practices conducted in 2014-2015 within the AICESIS on "The role of the ESCs-SIs in the fight against economic crime and corruption."



Since April 8, 2016, the new Secretary General of the ESC is Mr. Charlemagne TOMAVO. His email address is:

Guy RYDER, ILO Director-General, introduced the IMF Board a statement on the importance of social measures for more inclusive growth and to exit the low growth trap



The Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ESCC) has a new President, Mr. Abderamane Mouctar MAHAMAT. Appointed ESCC Member by a presidential decree on 15 March 2016, he was unanimously elected President on March 22, 2016 during an extraordinary plenary assembly.