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Letter N° 77 / July 2017

Word by the Secretary-General, Patrick Venturini : "The end of June 2017 ended my second term as Secretary General of AICESIS. On this occasion, I wish to express to all members of AICESIS - and in particular to the successive Presidencies of Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Algeria, Russia and the current Presidency of the Dominican Republic - and to all AICESIS partners, including the ILO, to Hanifa MEZOUI, Permanent Representative of AICESIS to the United Nations, and to the members of the AICESIS Secretariat, in particular to Samira AZARBA, my deepest thanks for their important contribution, their constant confidence and their positive active and fruitful cooperation between their respective institutions and the AICESIS. In the last years, our Association has been able to develop, sometimes in a complex situation both quantitatively (number of members) and qualitatively (concrete cooperation). Naturally, much remains to be done and time has come to include AICESIS in a new phase of development. I am convinced that future presidencies, together with my successor, Francisco GONZALEZ DE LENA and the Secretariat, will be able to successfully take on these new stages of development, always at the service of Members. I wish you good luck to all of you. "

LAST CALL FOR MEMBERSHIP FEE! FOR THE FEW MEMBERS THAT DID NOT PAY: Please proceed with the payment of your 2017 membership fee to AICESIS, that exists only through the donation of its members.


Conference organised on November 23-24 in Athens (Greece) with the ILO and the Greek OKE on the Future of Work. On April 12, a questionnaire has been sent to all. Last answers as expected. The quality and number of the answers will help to draft the background paper.

The former AICESIS SG, Mr. Patrick Venturini, sent a farewell letter to all AICESIS members and to all collaborators and partners of the Association.



Participation of the new AICESIS SG at the Seminar on social dialogue organised by the Moroccan ESEC and the UCESIF

Regional workshop organized in cooperation with AICESIS, ILO and the ESC of Benin on the capacity building of ESCs-SIs and social dialogue to promote an efficient and sustainable social protection floor for all. This is the extension of the Seoul Declaration (2014) at the West African level and the national workshops held previously in Congo, Guinea and Mali.

International Meeting, AICESIS GA and Boards. The GA - which ends the Presidency of the Dominican ESC as Chair of the AICESIS - will be the occasion to discuss the main working topic of the Presidency for 2015-2017 “The role of the ESCs-ISs in the fight against inequalities linked to poverty” before adopting the final report. It will also welcome the new AICESIS SG, Francisco GONZALEZ DE LENA (Spain).


The EESC organized a conference on 17 May in Brussels (Belgium) on "Civil society support for refugees and migrants: decriminalizing solidarity and providing humanitarian admission". The event focused on the response of European civil society to the insecure situation of migrants and refugees trying to reach Europe.


The ESC, which was dissolved in 2013, was resettled in accordance with the new constitution (30 March 2016). The first extraordinary session from 3 to 15 April 2017 adopted the new rules of procedure and elected the new Office: Chairman: Mr Alfred Tainga POlOKO (Representative of the Chamber of Commerce and former Minister of Communication); 1st Vice-President: Mr Kobine LAYAMA (representative of the religious platform and emblematic figure of social cohesion and the return of peace between religious denominations); 2nd Vice-President: Ms Joséphine DEJEAN (President of the Businesswomen's Association); Quaestor: Mr Hyppolite MAYER; Rapporteur: Mr. Bouté DE BAMBA.



The ESC renewed its governing bodies as follows: Chairman: Mr. Iacob BACI (from the Workers' Group); Vice-President (representing the unions): Mr. Florian MARIN; Vice-President (representing the Employers): Mr Dragoş MIHALACHE; Vice-President (representing civil society): Mr Bogdan SIMION; Secretary General: Mr Marin SULIMAN.



Following the retirement of Mr. VU TRONG Kim, Mr. TRAN THANH Man is the new Vice President and Secretary General of the Patriotic Front.



Mr. Vincent NYAGILO is the new Secretary of NESAC. His email address is



Mr Tiziano TREU, former Minister of Labor and a well-known and respected personality in Italy and internationally, in Europe in particular, has been appointed President of CNEL.