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Letter N° 83 / May-June 2018

The Board - held in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) on March 8, 2018 - decided to hold the next AICESIS General Assembly on September 17 and 18, 2018 in Paris (France) at the Palais d’Iena, French ESEC HQ which has accepted to invite the AICESIS members on this occasion.

2018 FEE! THANK YOU TO THE MEMBERS WHO HAD NOT YET DONE for kindly proceeding to the transfer of their 2018 contribution to AICESIS, which lives only thanks to the contributions of its members.

AICESIS work in progress

"The Digital Revolution": Summary Note on the work of the Abidjan Workshop (Ivory Coast, March 2018)

Regarding the relations with ECOSOC, the President wrote to Mrs MEZOUI, Representative of AICESIS at the UN, indicating the joint work streams of interest for AICESIS.

Regarding the development of AICESIS, the President sent a letter to the new President of the European ESC, expressing his interest in renewing contacts between the two institutions, in order to encourage greater involvement of the EESC in the AICESIS activities.


International Seminar on the Digital Revolution with the participation of the ILO Director General, Mr Guy RYDER, at the opening session

AICESIS Board and GA 

Participation of the SG in the regional seminar organized by the ESEC of Morocco on the renewal of social dialogue and the role of ESC-SI.

Development surrounding the ESC

Mr Dramane TRAORE has been appointed as UCESA Secretary General.

Tel: +223 71111123 / +223 63330933 - Email:

Congo - Kinshasa

Congo - Kinshasa

Mr Jean-Pierre KIWAKANA KIMAYALA is the new President of the ESC of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Email:



Note on the completed activities of the 2013-2018 term of office of the ESEC

On 12 April, the EESC Labor Market Observatory organized a conference on "The integration of the long-term unemployed into the labor market".


On 18 April 2018, Mr. Luca JAHIER succeeded Mr. Georges Dassis as President of the EESC.

South Korea

South Korea

Second and third stages of tripartite negotiations in Korea.



ESC Opinion on "The European pillar of social rights and the role of organized civil society"



The 47th plenary of the CDES was held on March 21st, marking the 15th anniversary, with the objectives of presenting new recommendations and giving feedback on the previous debates of the CDES working groups.

Third edition of the biennial Report of the ILO Technical Support Team for Decent Work for West Africa and ILO Country Office in Dakar - 2016/2017