Association Internationale des Conseils Economiques et Sociaux et Institutions similaires


n°1 february 2009



I am most pleased to be able to send you this first edition of the electronic newsletter entitled « AICESIS NEWS ».
Its aim is to provide information on the increasing number of activities of our association and its members. Published monthly in three languages, and shortly to be complemented by our new, improved website, it will help us forge closer links and increase transparency. Your comments and suggestions are, of course, welcome.

Patrick Venturini


Urgent reminder !


The closing date for applications for the International Summer School organised by the Dutch ESC, approved by the Board, is late in February. A number of people have already registered.



AICESIS work in progress

•         The ILO working group on “Equality between men and women in decent work and its consequences for employment and social standards” has started its work. The Italian CNEL sent a note in mid-February to all the ESCs, which have to send their comments without delay
Read the note

•         The ECOSOC working group on “Public health” has started work. The Guinean ESC sent a note in mid-February to all the ESCs, which have to send their comments without delay.
Read the note

•         Working group on the main topic for 2007-2009 « Development with equity and environmental responsibility » : a meeting was held in Brussels on 12 February to discuss the latest version of the text.


Developments at AICESIS

•         President :
Mr Janos Toth, co-president of the Hungarian ESC, is acting AICESIS President until 2009.
Read his CV

•         Monaco Board meeting :
the summary of decisions is available on the AICESIS website.

•         AICESIS website :
it will be improved and enhanced with new headings. Where possible, ESCs will be asked to put a link to the AICESIS site on their own websites.



• 5 February :
The President, Mr J. Toth, and the Secretary-General, Mr P. Venturini, met with their counterparts from the European ESC, Mr Sepi and Mr Westlake. An administrative cooperation agreement was signed.

• 5 February :
President Toth took part in a forum on development policy and the impact of the financial crisis in Africa.
En savoir plus

• 22-27 February :
Mr Patrick Venturini is to meet United Nations representatives in New York (UNDESA, ECOSOC).


•         Agreements between AICESIS and the French ESEC, and AICESIS and the European ESC :
AICESIS has signed two agreements on administrative cooperation with the French ESEC and with the EESC respectively, taking into account the key non-cash contributions (logistics, interpreting, translation etc.) made to AICESIS by these two institutions.
Read the agreement with the French ESEC
Read the agreement with the EESC

•         Internet :
the main AICESIS texts are available on line in the database on the Italian CESlink portal.

•         AICESIS-UN relations :
Mr Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-general, has agreed to recognise Ms Haniza Mezoui as the permanent United Nations contact for AICESIS.
Read Mr BAN Ki-moon letter


Developments surrounding the ESC

•         UN : on 9 January 2009 Ms Sylvie Lucas (Luxemburg) became president of ECOSOC, replacing Mr Léo Mérorès.

•         Curaçao ESC : Ms Josephine J. Barbolina-Provence is the new Secretary-general of this Netherlands Antilles' ESC.

•         French ESEC, Italian CNEL, Spanish ESC, EESC : these four bodies held a working meeting in Brussels on 30 January on migration flows.

Please keep us up to date as regularly as possible on the main activities of your institution likely to interest all the other ESCs which are part of AICESIS.


The team at the AICESIS secretariat

•         Mr Patrick Venturini : Secretary-general ;

•         Mr Bertrand Duruflé : honorary Secretary-general, chargé de mission until July 2009 for preparing the 11th international meeting in Budapest ;

•         Ms Michèle Macher : Mr Venturini's secretariat, contact with the AICESIS presidency, organisation of AICESIS events (looking after participants), responsible for Europe and Africa ;

•         Ms Samira Azarba : organisation of AICESIS events (drafting documents), communication and the website, finance, responsible for Europe, Asia and the Americas.