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• Working group on status of Women

18 March 2014by samira azarba

At the UN Commission on Status of Women (CSW 58), AICESIS - represented by the CNEL - has, like it does every year, stressed the importance of investing in gender equality and highlighted the (...)

• Social dialogue in the world

20 February 2014by samira azarba

Since 2010, the members of the AICESIS and other institutions, at the invitation and with the support of Dr. Martha Theodorou ( AICESIS Chargée de mission on Communication) have prepared notes (...)


23 January 2014by samira azarba

The General Assembly of Algiers (11-12 September 2013) approved to launch the fourth edition of the AICESIS MDG Awards, dedicated to the ESCs for their efforts in monitoring the implementation of (...)


12 December 2013by samira azarba

The General Assembly of Algiers (11-12 September 2013) approved to launch the third edition of the AICESIS International Summer School for young people. The Civic Chamber of Russia accepted to (...)

• Exchange of experiences "Combating economic crime" and " Combating poverty"

9 December 2013by samira azarba

Following the interventions and debates during our General Assembly of Algiers (11-12 September 2013), please find enclosed the summary of the various speeches made in Algiers on the two topics. (...)


29 October 2013by samira azarba

AICESIS, the ILO and the Spanish ESC jointly organized in Madrid (Spain) on December 3 and 4 2013 an international conference on the role and impact of the ESC-SIs in the response to the global (...)

• Summary of decisions taken by the Board and the GA in Algiers,

10 October 2013by samira azarba

The AICESIS Board and General Assembly held in Algiers (Algeria) on 10, 11 and 12 September 2013 proved to be a real and particularly constructive success, thanks to the involvement of all and (...)

• Working group Report on Youth Employment

23 September 2013by samira azarba

On September 11, 2013, at the occasion of its General Assembly, the AICESIS organized an international roundtable on “What are the new problems and what role can the organized civil society play (...)

• ECOSOC Working group “Science, technology and innovation as well as the perspectives open up by culture dedicated for the promotion of sustainable development and the achievement of MDGs”

15 July 2013by samira azarba

On July 3 2013 in Geneva (Switzerland), Mr. Mohamed Seghir BABES, President of AICESIS and President of the Algerian CNES, spoke during the UN ECOSOC high-level segment. Herewith the final (...)

• Working group ILO "Employment and social protection in the new demographic context”

15 July 2013by samira azarba

On June 17 2013 in Geneva (Switzerland) the President of the Belgium CNT, Mr. Paul WINDEY, mandated by President BABES on behalf of AICESIS spoke during the international labor conference. (...)

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